Diary Entry No. 6…..Daadi’s B’day

okay am in delhi after a long 6 hour train ride…which is btw my most favorite journey ever…because of the food and the landscape…but on the way a little kid and then his mother actually jumped of the running train!!!!!

It was really really f&*!d up…i was totally traumatized and still the train did not stop and no one knew what the hell happened…freaky isn’t it?

I am really excited about this trip and want to give as much account that i can…very few people get to see someone turn a 100…tom I’m gonna present the painting to her and lets see what she has to say..


5 Responses to “Diary Entry No. 6…..Daadi’s B’day”

  1. Fahd Says:

    WOAH….the kid and his mother must have gotten hurt…..Thats preposterous!

    well i guess daadi’s gonna love the present….and she’ll have lots of stories to tell…about the picture in the painting and in general….! and thats the best things about gand-pa’s n maa’s i think

  2. Rajni Says:

    WELCOME to my home! Bollywood ain’t all crappy btw! : p

  3. Ali Noor Says:

    Hey Rajni….thanks for the welcome and obviously we’ve all grown up loving and living bollywood..i was just reassuring my Pakistani fans of my non-involvement in any bollywood endeavor that may dissapoint them…since that has become one big desperate dream of many a Pakistani artiste usually there is a lot of compromise…hope you get the point….i am a very non-offensive person that way and do feel that my statement above may seem a bit sweeping so a genuine apology for that…in fact i have gone ahead and deleted it…

    love ali noor

  4. Fahd Says:

    “i was just reassuring my Pakistani fans of my non-involvement in any bollywood endeavor that may dissapoint them…”

    That surely would’ve dissapointed me….A RE-reassurance from a pakistani fan

  5. Rajni Says:

    hey, I did understand the context in which that statement was made (based on a laywomans taste in music), and I too don’t like that trend and genre where creativity takes a backseat to commercialisation. To me it’s absolutely heartbreaking to see how best of talent is sucked in.
    God knows why people like that music. Yes. And I’d never like NOORI doing the same. Thank you for reassuring ALL US fans. (not trying to make war between India and Pakistan on your blog!! hehe hee. Next we know we’re fighting over NOORI!!) ( I kinda feel weird making such “all us” statements, I’ve never paid for your music, I wish I could).

    Taste and Respect are two different things, might appear to be the same but are different. I understand the difference between the two. And I wouldn’t dare accuse you an artiste of meaning disrespect to creativity.

    I wasn’t offended in the least. I just told you of my taste.You could think a zillion things to be crappy and it better be nobody’s business. And disrespect you didn’t mean which I understood all along and you clarified as well.

    I feel upset for having caused you to offer an explanation. What you had written was absolutely understod in context. To my mind nobody would be offended.

    Have a good day.

    (PS – I feel shit scared about the lame joke I made about India Pakistan War. Heart-beating scared. ISI, CI, Press. But I’ll be cheeky. Look what we’ve done to free thought)

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