Diary Entry No. 5

Leaving for Delhi in an hour …first trip without Mandana ever since we got married…trying my best to feel unaffected….but i guess it will hit once the journey begins…

…why am I going you may be wondering…well apart from a secret music work …I am actually attending Dadi’s 100th Birthday as I’m her favorite  Pakistani….I think I’ll have a lot to tell about it…in fact it just might be a learning for a lot…

daadi-painting I am taking a painting of her youth that Mandana’s father Mr. Shahnawaz Zaidi has made and man if you guys knew the photo that we gave him to make from and how he changed that BW photo to this living piece of ART, you’d appreciate what a genius he is..I tried to take a photo from my cell and their is a lot of reflection from the glass frame..but you’ll get the idea..

Delhi has become like going to Islamabad  as I have been lucky enough to get a by foot visa every time. I just cross the Wahga border and then I can either drive or fly or go by train to Delhi or to any other city….it is the closest one can get to experiencing how things were before 1947!! I guess I’ll also want to elaborate on my experiences in India since I have now gone there enough times  to make a well founded opinion..but that will wait…right now all I am thinking is how I am going to manage to carry this painting..as when I said “by foot” visa …it literally means exactly that…no car or luggage trolleys etc are allowed and it is a good 4 km walk with a lot of checkpoints and customs clearances blah blah blah…it would be a tumultuous task…


7 Responses to “Diary Entry No. 5”

  1. madiha Says:

    Wish your Dadi a very Happy birthday from my side….eventhough unko putta bhi nuhi hai….k madiha koun si bala ka naam hai……..:)

  2. madiha Says:

    Do one thing tie a rope and make straps like you’ve in bags…and utha k chul dien…..easy….!
    waisay photo ley jattey wahan frame kurwa laittey….it would have ben easier for you in that way….!

  3. madiha Says:

    aj something was missing…
    Oh ……Ali you forgot to mentio today that mandana is your wife…;)
    I find it cute and so full of love when you talk about mandana…and you say , “mandana… ‘ ….” mandana my wife…..! ” ( never mind ! )

  4. sameen Says:

    ……tumultuous but really really fun. I wish I could go to india by foot, I wish I could go to India!

  5. hani Says:

    what a youthful daadi you have !

  6. Zain Says:

    Great pic!!
    What your Grandmother thinks about your music? She knows the song 1947?

  7. Ali Noor Says:

    well she is not my real grandmother..as soon as i get the time i am gonna tell her tale…btw madiha that’s exactly how we tied the painting..thanks for the advice though..

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