MY Secret Blog??????

After an exhausting videos editing session…was just unwinding with a cup of tea and skimming through Sunday’s Dawn Magazine section that I cam across this article Poparazzi: The secret blog of a self-assured pop star. Now it took me a second to realize that the pic is mine from a gig I recently did…(me being the only owner of a Martin 00CXAE left-handed acoustic and putting a capo on the headstock)

…well there is nothing wrong with the article (though it is a bit less funny) but it just set me thinking…why my picture esp when I just recently launched this blog??????

comments everyone….?


14 Responses to “MY Secret Blog??????”

  1. Rockstar Says:

    Ali Noor is a ROCKSTAR!!

  2. Zain Says:

    ha ha ha ha!
    Oh that is how they fill extra place on a newspaper?
    Let me laugh on that guy in spanish ja ja ja ja.
    It should be called the secret “diary” of… a blog is blog because its not secret. Its like saying road-aeroplane or wireless-phone with 2m long wire. I am 100% sure that this guy has inspired that title by your blog.

  3. madeeha syed Says:

    you have a good eye noor, but if the paper wanted to identify you as the blogger, they’d have published a photo in which you’re face was visible, no?

    to be honest, i didnt know this blog existed till a google-alert dropped it into my inbox. but having said that, the predominant reason why that photograph was used was because a)i think it looks great and b)we needed a silhouette of a performing musician, this was the perfect one.

    trust me, it’s NOT personal. and neighter is it inspired by your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    having said that, i eagerly await the potential release of your third album, the last in series of which you once mentioned on your official noorie blog.


    Madeeha Syed
    Assistant Editor,
    Images, Dawn

  4. madeeha syed Says:

    @ zain: blogs can be made secret. the process is quite simple, you don’t opt for it to come up in a search-engine search and you restrict viewership (if any) by either selecting those who can view via invitation or by putting a password on it.

  5. madiha Says:

    I think the picture is yours because the author had you in mind while writing this article…..In general the article hits the evolving blog culture mong the pop n rock stars but may be the author is a great fan of you, who follows you and so is a regular visitor of the site and the blog….!

  6. madiha Says:

    by the way …the author has a poor general manager knowledge…i mean general knowledge about the band….he thinks the GM of the band is a guy…..!

  7. Ali Noor Says:

    hye guys…just to clarify..its not offenisive or anything just wanted to have your views…i think the whole thing seemed funny and conincidental

  8. madeeha syed Says:

    now i have to clarify this:

    1. the photograph is definitely Noor’s. it is. i have the entire footage from the concert this photograph was taken from and most of the photos kick ass. really.

    2. the blog wasn’t written keeping Noor in mind. it wasn’t. i can vouch for that, i printed it. i’m a big fan of blogs and tour diaries & i know people who followed the noori blog very religeously as well, but the blog article was written independently.

    3. the writer has clearly mentioned her influence right here, in this note at the end of the article: “Writerโ€™s note: Inspired by Cassandra Claireโ€™s VSD series, and the wonderful self-assured pop stars of the country.”

    4. @madiha: the self-assured pop star in the article is NOT noor (how many times do i have to say that?). the self-assured pop star is a FICTIONAL character and hence the writer has the liberty to decide the gender of the pop star’s manager ๐Ÿ˜›

    5. @noor: i thought the artilcle might have struck a chord with some of the musicians in the industry. this is an on-going, fortnightly feature, so do look out for it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Abdul Wahab Vohra Says:

    Interesting comments by the Editor, Madeeha Syed.. Give Ali Noor some space on the images, Dawn..
    In the midst economically unstable phase not many of us prize the opportunity of going beyond and reaching out to their people.. The Blog ‘ThisisALiNoor’ definitely deserves the space..



  10. Ali Noor Says:

    i’m loving this…..and madeeha off course i know it has nothing to do with me or in anyways is offensive…in fact consider this post is as a “self assured gimmick” of mine…wow what power one gets with a blog!!!!

    love ya all

  11. Fahad Sid Says:

    whatever the case….nice pic. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. madeeha syed Says:

    @ Abdul Wahab: i’d love to give Noor space in Images. i have questions that i’m burning to ask… so let’s see.

  13. Maha Says:

    Clearly you are adored Noor and the article was just a way to create this hype and a bigger follow-up for the newspaper in order to find out WHO this pop-star really is!

  14. madiha Says:
    yo…your blog is really famous ali noor…!!! ;b

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