….the big deal

So what’s the big deal about Abbottabad…..

Around November 2003….after doing 112 Moblink Jazz concerts in 42 days….all in Karachi, by sometimes doing as many as 4 concerts in a day….it was natural to feel  jaded just 8 months after releasing SKMHJ…2 boys living their entire lives in their parents arms in Lahore, felt really cold and lonely, living all by themselves in their expensive apartment in Karachi… sick and tired of the fame and fortune all they wanted was a weekend with their parents….

And so we did take some time off to join our parents in Bhurbun. It was on the second day of our trip that we decided to drive down to Abbottabad. I remember it was Ramzan, Just an hour before iftar we chose to stop on Mansehra road, I think to buy something I can’t remember now…. but right next to that shop there was a property agent called “Jadoon Property”. Just like that I went in an asked if there was a house available for rent. The guy there looked at me with suspicion and asked me what my range was. I said it didn’t matter….now he really thought I was fooling around. But I guess since he had an hour to kill, he just decided to go ahead and show us some houses. I remember the first few were old and dilapidated and I was thinking what a bad idea to even try this out. He then took us to us another locality and said that this house might be too expensive for us but in this short time he can only show us one more. By then I was like; lets get it over with, since we are just passing time anyway. So we came across  this closed gate….. And I got out of the car and looked over…… What  I saw  was the cutest most beautiful house with a huge driveway and a ground big enough for a tennis court.

I had fallen in love with that place. Now mind you I had not bothered to ask the rents of the previous houses so had no clue what expensive meant here. After seeing this house I knew that we won’t be able to afford it but I had to ask. “What is the rent?” I said and he said “well it is a bit steep….. but for you I can get it down to around ten thousand rupees!!!!!

I didn’t think twice……. forced my dad to pay him immediately and the rest is history…..

The reason why I am telling this story is that getting a house in Abbottabad was the craziest thing to do….we didn’t know anybody there (and still don’t)  but within a few months even my parents stopped living in Lahore. All the time I was in Karachi I would find excuses to fly to Islamabad and then drive down to Abbottabad. We just couldn’t get enough of it. It was here that we made Peeli Patti. In fact all the sane memories of my life ever since we become famous are from the time we spent in Abbottabad….

The city seems like my real hometown now.

I’m in a hurry to right to write more since I am back to the damn rush but all in all Abbottabad is the place where I can think and create the best….and the last few months have been very productive as you will all know soon…..


7 Responses to “….the big deal”

  1. madiha Says:

    ya sometimes it is nature in my point of view which makes us do things …i don’t know if am putting it right or not but some times when you listen to the inner voice (which i think is a sign from nature ), you do things which other people think aren’t worthed at all and at that time…. even you don’t think for a second that why am i doing this? or what circumstances ‘ll be in future as a result of it … but for you they turn out to be the best and that one step taken by you is then followed up by a series of connecting events….!
    I think that’s what has happened with you…nature gave you a sign and you just followed it….and that’s why you feel so connected to that place…i don’t know about you or anybody else but such everyday events in my life they help in strenghtening my belief that there’s ‘ Somebody ‘ taking care of everything ! 🙂
    I am waiting to see …i mean listen to the latest production!

  2. sameen Says:

    u know it’s a great blessing that u are able to listen to ur inner voice like that cause if it would have been me in a situation like that I would have thought about it alot and then might not have found a house so beautiful.

  3. Abdul Wahab Vohra Says:

    That is way cool of you guys to go for the random instincts.. Wondering.. so there was a reason why you guys feel so attached to this place. Should have shared this thought before as you said Peeli Paati was worked around here that is where the secluded thoughts and contents have been mostly derived from..
    Good luck with your next release.. I shall wait impatiently ^__^


  4. Zain Says:

    I loved the last line.

  5. farishtey Says:



  6. Fahd Says:

    i loved abottabad whenever i saw it on TV…..i guess “Thundyanee” was the best place to me. Ali noor do tell me if u get to know about any other house on rent there 😉

  7. abbottabad Says:

    i agree with you

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