Dairy Entry No. 4

1:15 am…..and this would be my last night in Abbottabad. Going to back to Lahore tom and then to Delhi…and then to God knows where …. Can’t come back till feb next year at least….

I am lying in my verandah….its soooo quite…. sooo peaceful…

our house is the last in the lane…..right next to it is a small stream…and then there is the Army school of music….

Will I hear those half tuned marching anthems at 7 am every morning in Lahore?….what about that red breasted sparrow on that Shahtoot tree..will I see her again in Lahore?…will I get to pass by my favorite hill next to the graveyard every evening…what about those huge hairy spiders that came out every night…that we have learnt to respect and not be scared of…..only to realize  how amazingly grand is God’s nature….will they crawl out in Lahore?…

And then what about that peace of mind………will I get that in Lahore?…in Delhi? Toronto? Dubai?…..Karachi?


7 Responses to “Dairy Entry No. 4”

  1. madiha Says:

    Hey Ali don’t get dpressed….and hope for the best !
    ki hoya bhai jan …itna emotional kuon ho ruhey ho…..!
    i know it’s very difficult leaving your family and home ….specially when you are living in a place which is like heaven on earth…..i have seen pictures of abottabad ..it’s really beautiful….i’ve visited these places ghar per baith key ….via a show called ” travel guide of Pakistan ” ! i’ve seen the saint luke’s church..and all areas around …the galiyats…dunga gali….balakot …etc thanks to Ptv jissey koi nuhi dekhtta siwaey kuch meray jaisay logon k 🙂
    don’t worry
    take all these beautiful memories with you and get back home safely…!
    have a safe journey
    Every place has a beauty of it’s own ….if you’ll find the shahtoot tree and the sparrow on it, the wild spiders…..etc every where else in the world…..then you won’t feel the difference of coming back home….! 🙂

  2. Abdul Wahab Vohra Says:

    Set yourself a playlist of Mudvayne tracks and refrain from watching soap shows… sigh :s

  3. arsi Says:

    hey ali ..hws everything?1..Dude jus wnted 2 ask u wen u cumin out wid a new albM..? U are rite…?1..or is all ovA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Zain Says:

    Your last night in Abbottabad???
    Last time when you left Abbottabad you had all PPARJKGD done. Hope this time is also the same situation no??
    Don’t worry you are leaving that place to come back again.

  5. Alina Says:

    u got ur peace of mind when u were in harmony with nature…
    Wordsworth has very optimistically asserted, “emotions recollected in tranquility is the healing power of nature”
    try this out n ul get ur PEACE of mind where ever u go…

  6. Fahd Says:

    Absolutely bro….one ought to feel this way whenever one’s leaving a place like home and that too at such a peaceful location….Alina very rightly said about wordsworthian phiolosophy, initially i dint believe in this approach but i’ve realised its strong effect on behaviors with the changings in weather…..thats very true in normality (not in extreme cases though)

    Anyways…..Thats the pattern of the life. will u plz let your us know what u are going india for? or is it a personal tour?

  7. abida Says:

    its so good & nice feeling to read ur diary. u’ve made it on pc but i had written the ti mes, channel,etc in my paper diarywhich shows that i listen to nooris song &stuff like that. u know what it also have, u come in to my dreams & i’ve write all the dreams in which i’ve saw u. u dont know there was a time that my biggest wish was 2 met u& show u that diary & i prayed 4 u & 4 my wish for 2 years but i became sad then k aap se lagta hai mulaqat hi nahi honi means aap se meri amnay samnay baat cheet. Now m busy wid my m.com parhai, making assignments, giving test, no time 4 music but waitin 4 ur new album coz i want to listen them chahay kitni bhi busy hoon. BEST OF LUCK TO U IN UR WHOLE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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