On Leaving

I don’t wanna say good bye
At least I can try
That this home of mine is there for me to find
in my heart and in my mind

I don’t wanna say good bye
At least I could lie
to all my friends
the trees and the birds
and the breeze that kissed my lips
the lazy mornings that rocked my crib

I don’t wanna say good bye…
Cuz i did feel alive in a long time
my heart and my mind
I felt did shine

But now I do have to go
and it makes me sad
I’ll miss you abbot-a-“bad”!!!


3 Responses to “On Leaving”

  1. sameen Says:

    if u don’t mind me asking Where are u going?

  2. Zain Says:

    Where are you going??

  3. madiha Says:

    cute ! 🙂
    I don’t know Ali if u’ll really miss abottabad badly or not but i think you are surely going to miss your hourly sittings infront of the computer screen………..! 😉

    you’ll miss and definitely going to miss
    the time
    you spent searching sites !

    he he he…..:)
    And yes you’ll surely miss your amma’s cry
    ali uth jao warna mei aag lugga dongi iss computer ko…! meri ammi tto yahi kehtti hain when i spend alot of time infront of my pc !
    My mother is fed up of my cellphone ( uss ka headset is all the time in my ears n im
    listening to songs n fm ) and my computer !
    So, now your going to be busy in work again . Best of luck!
    I don’t know it’s just a co incidence or what….but tomorrow morning i’ll also say good bye…!
    no, not to my home but to a ” relaxing routine ”
    I’ll begin a job hunt from tomorrow…!
    bohatt sarey logon ko relief miley ga ! :b as now i’ll be spend my time working , working n working……..! ( but don’t worry mei time nikalna jantti hon….:) idhar ana ruhey ga Insha’ Allah)
    farigh baith baith k bilkul hi farigh ho gai tthi….!
    waisay it’s difficult to be either “farigh” or ” wela ” in this world but it’s worst when you are both at the same time ! 🙂
    that is why i’ve decided to start working again, kum uz kum aik ‘title ” ka bojh tto kum hoga…;b

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